The Fine Art of Frugal


-my best friend
The Fine Art of Frugal Corrine van Vliet book cover
The cover, again. It’s all I have.

The hero of this tale, is you my friend. Can we be friends or am I being too desperate?

You put on a brave face while checking your bank account even though it’s got you down in the dumps. This may be because you are literally living in a landfill. You’ve faked smiled and pretend laughed while your successful friends discuss rich people things like houses, the softness of 4-ply toilet paper and using herbs while cooking.

Meanwhile, you’re thinking about what dinner you should indulge in tonight, air or tap water? Perhaps splurge and have both?!

Pretending to be something you’re not is a noble trait. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, unless you can somehow profit from it.

I, a courageous millennial like you, am poor because simply trying to live a life costs so damn much. Discover my tips and tricks on how I’ve managed to thrive; I mean barely survive, till 30 by being frugal.


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